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He had no choice. He packed his sleeping bag and tent in his Bergen and hit the streets. For the first time in ages, the pressure had lifted. He’d lost his wife, job and now his house. Becoming homeless was his only option. But Andy wasn’t prepared for the world he was about to walk into. He’d picked the wrong time of year to become another homeless statistic, it was February and freezing. Army veteran Andy Jones had been in worse situations, sleeping rough, what’s new? He’d spent fourteen years in the army, most of the time doing exactly that, no worries bring it on he thought. The only difference this time, he didn’t know when ENDEX was going to be. It wasn’t long before Andy was feeling defeated, alone, exposed and vulnerable. As he prepares for a night sleeping in a stinking urine-drenched doorway, he meets and befriends an old tramp called Tom, who offers to help him to survive amongst the great unwashed by teaching him the art of Trampism. That’s when this dark, hilarious sometimes sad and powerful adventure begins. But all is not what it seems with an unbelievable twist that will leave you spellbound. “Welcome to the Mad House!”

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